Karen Cannard
Creator & Co-founder
The Rubbish Diet Challenge

Karen is the creator and co-founder of The Rubbish Diet. Her interest in Zero Waste began with a household challenge in 2008, when she reduced her family's residual waste from a full 240L wheelie bin to just a plaster. She has gone on to inspire thousands of others to reduce waste, helping consumers reach beyond their expectations, while also shining a spotlight on zero waste developments that happen behind-the-scenes in industry.  She has appeared on Dispatches, ITV's Tonight and The One Show.  Karen is also BBC Suffolk's 'Bin Doctor' and a trustee of Reuseful UK, a charity which helps scrapstores maximise reuse opportunities for surplus materials in the retail and manufacturing sectors.

Steve Eminton



Steve is an environmental journalist having covered water, housing and recycling for a variety of publications. Having started his career with Construction News, he has since worked on publications including Water Bulletin and Municipal Journal. Steve started specialising in recycling and sustainable waste management in 1994. Since October 2000, he has been Editor of letsrecycle.com

Adam Read
Global Practice Lead

Adam is AEA's Global Practice Lead for Waste Management & Resource Efficiency responsible for over 75 technical staff specialising in waste strategy, service design and operations, stakeholder engagement, and procurement.
Adam has 17 years waste sector experience as a consultant, researcher and local authority officer, and he has specialised in HWRC service evaluation, design and procurement for a number of high profile clients including WAG, the Essex Waste Partnership, Shanks, Northamptonshire CC and WRAP.

Sarahjane Widdowson
Principal Waste Management Consultant

Sarahjane is a Principal Waste Management Consultant with over fourteen years’ experience in the environmental sector and has been honoured to be part of the judging team for the Zero Waste Awards for the last two years. Sarahjane specialises in waste and recycling technical advisory working for both public, private and third sector organisations. She joined Ricardo-AEA five years ago and is now the business manager for their Waste Operations team.


Sarahjane has an excellent understanding of the issues currently facing organisations, particularly around the need to do more for less with the added pressure of time. She also recognises the scale of opportunities available for organisations to move towards zero waste, becoming more resource efficient and the benefits (both financial, social and environmental) this will bring.

Camilla Woods

Director of Policy

British Hospitality Association


Camilla Wood is the director of policy at the BHA and represents members' interests to government at national and European levels on the policy and legislative issues that impact the UK hospitality industry. Current areas of focus include: sustainability; accessiblity; health and well-being; employment, education and skills; competitiveness and growth in the UK; and the Localism agenda.

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