Entrants will be judged on each step of the waste hierarchy. We appreciate that companies may fall into multiple categories as a business, however please enter the one which directly highlights the area of work you are focusing on within your submission. 



For any businesses involved in building something. From individual houses to national infrastructure to housing projects. Open to all involved in the construction industry supply chain.

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For those involved in looking after educational establishments. Not dependant on size, entries could come from schools, colleges universities, childcare and any other form of educational establishment.


Food & Beverage

For any organisation involved in the production and distribution of food and drink. This included any business involved in any step of the supply chain. Farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers and more.

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For all organisations (public or private) involved in the management of the healthcare sector which includes hospitals, care homes, health centres, clinics, hospices, GP and dental surgeries and more.

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For all organisations involved in the management of the hospitality trade. This includes restaurants, pubs, bars, gyms, leisure centres, hotels and festivals who have been working towards Zero Waste. 

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For any organisation involved in creating products within any industry including (but not limited to) automotive, aerospace, engineering, electronics and materials, packaging, clothing, furniture, pharmaceuticals and energy/fuel.


Office & Commercial

Open to any business involved with recycling and waste produced from office blocks, independent offices or any commercial enterprise which does not fit into one of the above categories.


Retail & Leisure

For any organisations that sells goods/services to the consumer market via retail. Open for all retailers who have been working towards Zero Waste and not dependant on size, revenue, product or in-store or online.

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Travel & Transport

Open to any organisation involved in the transport of people or goods. This could include public transport, freight. logistics, haulage and more.


Waste & Recycling

Open to any organisation (both local authorities and private) involved in the collection or processing of waste and recycling materials including waste management businesses, brokers, waste transfer stations, skip hire businesses and much more.